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101 David Clark Labs
1010 Engineering Buidling I (EB I)
1011 Engineering Building I (EB I)
102 David Clark Labs
104 Brooks (Senior Studios)
104 Brooks Hall (Senior Studio)
105 Schaub Hall
109 Page Hall
111 Brooks Hall
1130 Nelson Hall
1140 Nelson Hall
120 Withers Hall
1202 Talley Student Center
1206 Nelson Hall
1216 Jordan II
123 Tompkins
124 Dabney
126 Witherspoon Student Center
128 Daniels Hall
1302 Nelson Hall
136 Monteith Research Center
140 Winston Hall
1911 Bldg, Room 129
1911 Building Lobby
1911 Building, Atrium
1911 Building, room 111
1911 Room 138
1Progress Energy Lecture Hall
1st Floor Lobby of Talley Student Center
201 Harrelson Hall
2010 Biltmore Hall
202 Ricks Hall
206 Cox Hall
207 Harrelson Hall
210 Dabney Hall
211D Park Shops
214 Cox Hall
215 Park Shops
216 Mann Hall
216 Poe Hall
218 Daniels
2210 Nelson Hall
2212 Gardner Hall
225 South Wilmington Street\, Raleigh: Busy Bee Cafe
2301 Student Health Services Building
    Student Health Center
2316 Hillsborough Street
232 McKimmon Center
232A Withers Hall
2402 Nelson Hall
2403 Nelson Hall
2405 Nelson Hall
2405 Williams Hall
2406 Nelson Hall
29 Winston Hall
301 Riddick Hall
3018 Biltmore Hall
308 Ricks Hall
310 Leazar Hall
3118 Talley Student Center
312 Leazar Hall
315 First Year College Commons
320 Brooks Hall
3210 Nelson Hall
3214 Jordan Hall
3220 Nelson Hall
325 Riddick Hall
331 Withers Hall
3400 Nelson Hall
3503 Gardner Hall
4210 Nelson Hall
434 Daniels
451 Riddick
4th Floor Tally Student Center Boardroom
5 Star Restaurant --511 W. Hargett\, Raleigh\, NC 27601
5103 Jordan Hall
512 Brickhaven
    512 Brickhaven
        Conference Room 203
516 Brickhaven
ACC Championships
ACC Tournament
Admin III, rm 220
Admin III, Room 101
Admin III, Room 124
    Admin III, Room 124
        Room 124
Admin III, Room 222
Admin III, Room 301
Administrative Services Building II, Room 101
Administrative Services Building II\, Room 101
Adventure Landing
African American Cultural Center
African American Cultural Center Gallery
All Over Campus!
Alumni Conference Room
American Tobacco Campus, Bay 7
Assembly Room, 2nd Floor
At the benches near the egg
Atlanta\, Georgia
Atrium Food Court
Auditorium\, Room 105
Avent Ferry Technology Center
    Avent Ferry Technology Center
        Lobby Conference Room 203
Belk Rotunda and West Gallery - College of Design
Belltower stairs
Biltmore Hall - NC State
Biltmore Hall - Room 2024
Bostian Hall
    Bostian Hall
        Room 3712
Bostian Hall 2722
Bostian Hall 3712
Bostian Hall Rm 2712
Boston College
Boylan Bridge Brewpub
Bragaw Activity Room
Bragaw Residence Hall
Brooks Hall
    Brooks Hall
        Room 212 A
        Room 212A
        Room 3712
Brooks Hall at the College of Design
Brooks Hall Gallery
Brooks Hall, Room 320
Brother Jimmys
Brother Jimmy's
Broughton Hall
    Broughton Hall
        Truitt Auditorium
Broughton Hall #1402
Brownstone Hotel
Bryan Room, Gregg Museum of Art & Design
Bryan Room, Gregg Museum of Art & Design, Talley Student Center
Burlington Lab, Room 1202
Burns Auditorium
Burns Auditorium Kamphoefner Hall
Burns Auditorium\, Kamphoefner Hall
Bus Stop next to Carmichael Recreation Center on Morill Drive
Caldwell G107
Caldwell G-107
Caldwell Lounge
Caldwell Lounge in Caldwell Hall
CAM Raleigh
Cameron Village Library
Cameron Village Public Library
Campbell University School of Law
    Campbell University School of Law
Campus Bookstore
Campus Cinema
Campus Cinema - Witherspoon Student Center
Campus Cinema (
Campus Rec Center\, 2nd Floor Studios
Cans Bar & Canteen (uptown Charlotte)
Capital City Club
Cardinal Club
Cardinal Gibbons High School
Carmichael Complex
Carmichael Gym
Carmichael Gym\, Aerobics Room
Carmichael Gym\, N.C. State Campus
Carmichael Gymnasium
Carmichael Playzone
Carmichael Playzone (right by the Port City Java at the gym)
Carmichael Recreation Center
Carmichael Recreation Center\, Playzone
Carol Johnson Poole Clubhouse
Carolina Country Club
Carter-Finley Stadium
Case DIning Hall
Catawba Valley Community College
Centennial Campus
Centennial Campus Disk Golf Couse
Centennial Wildlife Education Center
Center for Environmental Farming Systems
Central Campus
Chancellor's Conference Room
    Chancellor's Conference Room
        12 Holladay
Chancellor's Reception Room
Chancellor's Residence
Chapel Hill
Citrus Bowl
Clark Dining Hall
Clark Hall
    Clark Hall
        FCTL Conference Room
Clark Hall conference room on fourth floor
College of Management Undergrad Programs Office
College of Textiles
    College of Textiles
        Convocation Center
College of Veterinary Medicine
    Veterinary Medicine Library
COM Board Room
Convocation Center
    College of Textiles
Council for Entrepreneurial Development
Court of North Carolina
Court of North Carolina/Caldwell Lounge
Crabtree Marriott
Craft Center\, Thompson Hall
Cunningham Research Station
D. H. Hill Library
    Assembly Room
    D. H. Hill Library - Auditorium
    Technology Sandbox
D. H. Hill Library - Assembly Room
D. H. Hill Library - Auditorium
D.H. Hill Library
    D.H. Hill Library
        Faculty Senate Room
        ITTC Labs 1A and1B
D.H. Hill Library, East Wing
D.H. Hill Library, West Wing, 2nd Floor
Dabney Hall
    Dabney Hall
Dail Soccer Field
Damon's Grill
Daniels Hall
Daniels Hall, Room 434
David Clark Labs
David McCune International Art Gallery
DH Hill
DH Hill Library
DH Hill Library (by the Creamery)
Doak Field
Dorothy & Roy Park Alumni Center
Dorothy and Roy Park Alumni Center
Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts
    Meymandi Concert Hall
Dunn Avenue and Reynold's Coliseum
E. Carroll Joyner Visitor Center
EHSC Training Room
Embassy Suites
Engineering Building I, Rm. 1007
Engineering Building I, Rm. 1011
Engineering Building II
    Engineering Building II
Engineering Building II, Rm. 1231
Engineering Building II, Room 1212
Engineering Building II, Room 1229
Engineering Building II, Rooms 2216, 3211, & 3300
Engineering Building III (EB III)
    Engineering Building III
Erdahl Cloyd Auditorium
Erdahl Cloyd Theater
Erdhal Cloyd Auditorium in the D.H.Hill Library
Erdhal Cloyd Auditorium\, D.H. Hill Library
ES King Village Commons
Faculty Senate Chambers, D. H. Hill Library
    Dorothy and Roy Park Alumni Center
Faculty Senate Rm. 2320
Faculty Senate Rm. 2320,DH Hill Lib
FedEx Global Education Center, UNC Chapel Hill
First Year College Building
    First Year College Building
Fish Market Gallery
Fletcher Opera Theatre
Flex Building
Flex Lab Building
Florida State
For. Lang. and Computer Labs
Fountain Dining Hall
Fountain Dining Hall and West Campus Amphitheatre
Frankie G. Weems Art Gallery at Meredith College
Free Expression Tunnel
FYC Commons 106
FYC Commons 110
FYC Commons Room 104
Gallery of Art & Design
Gardner Hall
    Gardner Hall
        Room 2003
Georgia Tech
Greek Village Groundbreaking
Greensboro Cross Country Invitational
Gregg Museum of Art & Design
    Talley Student Center
HA 320
HA 358
Harrelson 107
    Harrelson Hall
Harrelson 307
Harrelson 3rd Floor
Harrelson Hall - Bookstore
Harrelson Hall\, Room 330
Harris Field
Harris Field - Outside of Witherspoon Student Center
Harris Field (Witherspoon Student Center)
Haywood Community College
Henley Park Hotel\, 926 Massachussetts Avenue\, NW\, Washington DC
Hillsborough Street
Holladay Hall
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Holy Trinity Lutheran Evangellical Church
Home of Peaches Blank
Honors Commons Bldg
Honors Village Commons
Hood Board Room
Hunt Library
    Multipurpose Room
    Robot Alley
    Teaching and Visualization Lab
    Teaching and Vizualization Lab
IFC Fraternity Houses
In Front of Carmichael Recreation Center
Izmir, Turkey
J.S. Dorton Arena and Engineering Building III
Jane S. McKimmon Center
JC Raulston Arboretum
    JC Raulston Arboretum
        McSwain Auditorium
Jill Heaton's Office
Jones Auditorium at Meredith College
Jordan 1218
Jordan Hall
    Jordan Hall
Jordan Hall 1218
Jordan Hall, Rm. 1214
Jordan Hall, room 1132
Joyner Visitor Center
Kamphoefner Hall
    Kamphoefner Hall
Kamphoefner Hall - Burns Auditorium
    Kamphoefner Hall
Kamphoefner Hall Rm. 130
Kennedy-McIlwee Theatre, Thompson Hall
Kennedy-Mcllwee Studio Theatre
Kilgore 159
Koka Booth Amphitheatre
KSU Invitational
Leazar Hall
Lee Field
Lee Field (Nelson Courtyard)
Long View Center- 1880 Hall
Long View Center- Freedoms Hall
Lonnie Poole Golf Course
M-8 Caldwell
MAC Lab - Nelson Hall
Maggie Valley, NC
Main Campus Classrooms
Mann Hall
    Mann Hall
Mann Hall 304
Marbles Kids Museum
Marriott-Raleigh City Center
Mary Anne Fox Field, behind Nelson Hall
McDonald's Parking Lot 3710 Western Boulevard Raleigh\, NC
McKimmon Center
McKimmon Center - Room 2
McKimmon Center - Room 232
Meymandi Concert Hall
Miller Fields
Monteith Engineering Research Center
    Monteith Research Center
Monteith Engineering Research Center (MRC)
Moore Square Park
Moore Square, Downtown Raleigh
Mountain Research Station
MRC Auditorium
N.C. Museum of Art
N.C. State McKimmon Center (corner of Gorman St. and Western Blvd)
National Institute of Statistical Sciences
NC State Belltower
NC State Bookstores
NC State campus and everywhere
NC State Fairgrounds
NC State Fairgrounds Lot- Corner of Trinity and Blue Ridge Road
NC State McKimmon Center – Ballroom 1
NC State University
    NC State University
        Poe Hall, room 500
NC State Women's Center
NCAA Championships
NCAA Pre-Nationals
NCAA Southeast Regional
NCSU - Daniels Hall Room 341
NCSU University Club
Nelson Auditorium
Nelson Auditorium\, 3400 Nelson Hall
Nelson Hall
Nelson Hall Auditorium
    Nelson Hall Auditorium
        3400 Nelson Hall
Nelson Hall Boardroom
Nelson Hall labs at basement level
Nelson Student Commons
Nelson\, Port City Java
North Carolina
North Carolina Biotechnology Center
North Carolina Biotecnoloy Center
North Carolina Museum of History
    North Carolina Museum of History
North Carolina State Archives auditorium
North Carolina State University
    Environmental Health and Safety Center
North Raleigh Hilton
Notre Dame Invitational
Oars & Paddles Park
Off Campus
off-campus event
on campus-check agenda for location
    Park Shops
One West Pack Square\, Suite 1501\,Asheville\, NC
Online Event
Outside of Bostian Hall
Page Hall Foyer
Panama Canal & Caribbean
    Parks Alumni Center
Park Alumni Center
Park Shops
    Park Shops
        Room 210
Park Shops 201
Park Shops, Room 130
Park Shops\, Port City Java
Parks Alumni Center
Partners I
Peanut Belt Research Station
Peele Hall
PNC Arena
Poe 211
Poe Hall
Polk Hall
    Polk Hall
Port City Java
Poulton Innovation Center
    Poulton Innovation Center
        Springboard Executive Conference Room
Price Music Center
    Price Music Center
        Room 110
        Room 120
Primrose Hall Conference Room
Public Safety Center
Pullen Park
Pullen Park Arts Center
putt-putt golf on Tryon Rd.
Raleigh Amphitheater
Raleigh Convention Center
Raleigh Invitational
Raleigh Little Theatre
Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley
Red Hat
Research Building III, Room 230
Research IV, Room 1611
Research Triangle Park Foundation
Reynolds Coliseum
Ricks Hall
    Ricks Hall
        Room 308
Riddick 301
Riddick 315
Riddick 325
Riddick Hall
    Riddick Hall
Riddick Hall 315
Riddick Hall\, Room 301
Riddick Hearth
Riddick Hearth (lounge in Riddick Hall 3rd floor)
Rm. 135, Golden LEAF Biomanufacturing Training and
Rm. 316 Leazar Hall
Room 1011 Engineering Building I
Room 105\, Schaub Food Science Building
Room 128, Daniels Hall
Room 218, Daniels Hall
Room 2405\, Nelson Hall
Room 5 Holladay Hall
Ruckus Pizza & Bar\, 2233-112 Avent Ferry Rd\, Raleigh\, NC
    SAS Hall
        1216 SAS Hall
SAS Institute
SAS Soccer Field #2
Schiciano Auditorium, Duke University Pratt School
Scott Hall
Sheraton Imperial Hotel
Sheraton Raleigh
South Gallery of Talley Student Center (Second Floor)
Southern Africa
Southern Miss.
Spring Hill House is located at 705 Barbour Drive,
SRO Sports Bar at Northwest Mall
St. Clair's Party Building
St. Francis Springs Center
Stafford Commons
Starbucks at Cameron Village
Stewart Theater
Stewart Theater in Talley Student Center
Stewart Theater\, Talley Student Center
Stewart Theater\, Tally Student Center
Stewart Theatre
Stewart Theeatre
Student Health Center
Studio Theatre at Meredith College
Summitt Hospitality Invitational
Talley Ballroom
Talley Student Center
    Talley Student Center
        Blue Room
        Board Room
        Brown Room
        North Plaza
        Second Floor Gallery
        Walnut Room
Talley Student Center - Stewart Theatre
Talley Student Center 2nd floor - North Gallery Ballroom
Talley Student Center and EBII
Talley Student Center Ballroom & Reynolds
Talley Student Center Ballroom (second floor)
Talley Student Center Food Court
Talley Student Center Rm 3118
Talley Student Center Rm. 3123
Talley Student Center, Blue Room
Talley Student Center, Brown Room
Talley Student Center, Green Room
Talley Student Center\, Ballroom
Talley Student Union Ballroom
Talley Walnut Room
Tally - Walnut Ballroom
Tally Ballroom
Tally Brown Room
Tally Student Center -- Room 4106
Tally Student Center -- Room 4111
Tally Student Center Boardroom
Tally Student Center\, Room 3118
Tally Walnut Room
Temporary Location: Poe 1st floor lobby SAS side
Textiles Convocation Room
The Brickyard
The Craft Center
The Crafts Center
    The Crafts Center
The Creamery at D.H. Hill Library
The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation: 1890 Main Campus Drive
The Inn on Biltmore Estate
The Morehead Inn
The Nino A. Masnari Engineering Gateway
The North Carolina History Center at Tryon Palace
The Oval surrounded by Engineering Buildings I, II
The Pour House Music Hall 224 South Blount Street Raleigh\, NC
The Progress Energy Lecture Hall
The Raleigh Downtown Amphitheater
The Riverside Club
The State Club
The Wolves Den
Thomas Hall
    Thomas Hall
Thompson Hall
    Thompson Hall
        Kennedy-McIlwee Studio Theatre
        Studio Theatre
    Titmus Theatre
Thompson Hall - Titmus Theatre
        Room G110
Tompkins 123
Toxicology Building
Toxicology Building Rm 2104
Tropicana Field
Tucker Hall Beach
Tucker/Owen Beach
Turner House
Undergraduate Tutorial Center
    1005K Ricks Hall Addition
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
University Club
University of Virginia
Unknown Location
    Unknown Location
        Bostian Hall
        Green Room, Talley
Upper Coastal Plain Research Station
Upper Mountain Research Station
Upward Bound Office
Varies: Review description for more information
Various Sites
Vaughn Towers
Venture Hall at Marbles Museum
Vet School, Main Building Rm. A231
Veterinary Medicine - Main Building
Veterinary School
    Veterinary School
        B-112 South Theater
        Green Commons
        South Theater (B-112)
        Veterinary Medicine Library
Virginia Tech
Wachovia IMAX Theatre, Bubbles Kids Museum
Wake Forest
Walnut Room
Walnut Room, Talley Student Center
Walnut Room\, Talley Student Center
Weisiger Brown Auditorium
Wildlife Resources Commission
    Wildlife Resources Commission
        Conference Room
Wildwood Greens Golf Club
William & Mary Tournament
Williams Hall
    Williams Hall
Winslow Building
Winslow Hall Conference Room
Winston 29
Winston Hall
Winterfest Skating Rink in downtown Raleigh
Withers 232A
Withers Auditorium (232a)
Withers Hall
    Withers Hall
Witherspoon - Campus Cinema
Witherspoon Campus Cinema
Witherspoon -Campus Cinema
Witherspoon Cinema
Witherspoon Student Center
    All over Campus
    Witherspoon Student Center
        Campus Cinema
        Witherspoon Cinema
Witherspoon Student Center - African American Cultural Center
Witherspoon Student Center (AACC)\, Washington Sankofa Rm 126
Witherspoon Student Center (AACC)\, Washington Sankofa Rom 126
Witherspoon Student Center Cinema
Witherspoon Student Center\, 126 Washington Sankofa Room
Witherspoon Student Center\, Campus Cinema
Witherspoon Student Cinema
Witherspoon Student Cinema and Harris Field
Witherspoon Stuent Cinema
Witherspoon Theater
Wolf Plaza
Wolf Plaza/Free Expression Tunnel
Wolf Village
Wolf Village Apartments, Building G, Seminar Room
Wolfpack Invitational
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